We're back on the water! Yesterday we had our first outing to run through the measures we've put in place this term. We're looking forward to welcoming back our members and safely teaching our incoming novices how to row.

We'll shortly be distributing more detailed advice to our rowers, and anyone wishing to join our novice stream should keep an eye out for an email soon from our Lower Boats Captains!

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Good afternoon everyone!

We are delighted to invite you all to an online webinar with an SCBC alumnus, Dr Richard Budgett OBE (SE 1977) on Tuesday 29 September 2020, 6.00pm to 6.45pm (BST)

Richard won an Olympic gold medal in a coxed IV in 1984 with Steve Redgrave, Martin Cross and Andy Holmes. He is currently the Medical and Scientific Director of the International Olympic Committee.

Join the Master Roger Mosey in conversation with Richard, where he will be asking him about his rowing career. They will also share their experiences of the 2012 Olympics: Richard as the chief medical officer and Roger as the BBC's director of coverage for the London 2012 Olympics.

Link to register: us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_qPnM6y1cRxSw6w4c3hCSAw?bblinkid=241129586&bbemailid=23905248&...

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This evening the committee had a virtual meeting to discuss the upcoming Michaelmas term and the challenges rowing faces in these unprecedented times 🚣‍♀️
It's not going to be easy, but we're going to work hard to make sure outings can go ahead with safety as a top priority! 💪💪
We're going to need lots of blue roll, sanitiser and spreadsheets, but stay tuned for SCBC's (somewhat different) Michaelmas 2020 campaign ❤️🚰❤️

*Some attendees not present in photo.

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*** BUMPS DAY 5 ***
Now that the Bumps are over, the celebrations can begin! Here are the final results:

M2: rowed over, finishing on -2
W1: bumped Peterhouse W1, finishing on +3
M1: rowed over, finishing where they started on 0!

In lieu of a full set of race reports and photos, today we bring you a message from the President, Stella Dixon...

"Today was a great day for Selwyn despite the horrendously windy conditions throughout the course. M2 rowed over in fantastic style, valiantly holding off Girton M2 who were in search of blades. W1 sealed another brilliant Bumps campaign with a determined bump on Peterhouse on the Long Reach, while M1 held off an ascendant Corpus Christi M1 to maintain the 4th place that last year's blades secured for the crew.

Overall, a stunning effort from all crews today - M2 did very well to turn things around after a demoralising couple of days, W1 continued their charge up the table and M1 successfully defended their position despite some last minute substitutions. A special mention has to go to M2, who cycled up to the Long Reach after their race to cheer on W1 and M1 as they hit the headwind! As President, I am incredibly proud of all our members - whether they were rowing or supporting, coxing or bank partying, they've all done us proud. Yeah Selwyn!" 🌿

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Today is the last day of the Lent Bumps! All three of our crews are ready and raring to go, hoping to top off their campaign with some coveted greenery 🌿 Catch them on the river or listen to CamFM at the following times:

M2: 12:40 (currently on -2)
W1: 14:40 (currently on +2)
M1: 15:20 (currently on 0)

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*** BUMPS DAY 4 ***

Both M1 and W1 rowed today, and M2 had their rest day. W1 bumped up again and M1 defended their high position in the charts with another row over. Enjoy the race reports below and some action shots of the rowing (credit to Giorgio Divitini and Jet Photographic) - it was rather too wet and cold to hang around for crew photos at the boathouse.

W1: W1 had another strong bumps performance today, chasing and then bumping Lucy Cavendish. Strong winds and rain presented a challenge, but the crew had a strong start and gained two whistles on Lucy Cav before first post. An unlucky crab resulted in a complete restart and some lost cover, but everyone recovered well, regaining two whistles after Grassy and finally bumping by the Plough.
Tomorrow, W1 chase Peterhouse who look set to offer some strong competition, but not fierce enough to deter us from taking our third bump!

M1: M1 once again rowed up to their station with a big job on their hands. Caius were going to be hot on their heels and spurred on by the Corpus boat progressing up the river behind them. Stroke Will Reith (1st year) took the pressure in his stride and delivered an outstanding rhythm to ensure that Caius were dropped straight off the start and the hunt for Girton could begin. A big push past the Plough put us very close to two whistles but the strong head wind made us pay for this. A well timed move by Girton saw them edge us back to a whistle and hold us there for the remainder of the course. With three row overs fought to the line behind both crews, tomorrow is bound to be a tough race but with plenty of opportunity for a bump.

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*** BUMPS DAY 3 ***
A day of consolidation for Selwyn, with a mixed bag of results from our crews - two rowovers from W1 and M1, while M2 were bumped by Churchill M3. There may have been no bumping up today, but all crews gave it their all and we're so proud! 🔥 #yeahhhselwyn Race reports below, and photos including some more candid moments around the boathouse!

W1: After Tuesday's unexpectedly quick bump, W1 knew they had a lot of work to do to catch a strong Sidney crew. Unfortunately Sidney bumped Lucy Cav on First Post, but W1 weren't deterred, with cox Hannah urging them towards the overbump on Peterhouse. This didn't come to pass, but the 6.5-length gap was reduced to 2.5 lengths by the finish line while Jesus were receding into the distance behind them. Today was a strong performance which stands W1 in good stead for the remaining two days. Tomorrow, they have Lucy Cav in their sights!

M1: Selwyn M1 were racing again today, and were once again aiming to chase down Girton M1. Unfortunately, illness struck at the last minute and Martin Atkins (LBC) had to step into the 4 seat at short notice. Martin put in a huge performance with the rest of the crew to hold Caius off comfortably. Caius came out fast, but the long ergs put in over the term paid off. After two row-overs that were fought to the line, we are looking to push on tomorrow and give Girton something to think about!

M2: The boys were hungry for a competitive day of rowing as they entered their penultimate session in Lent Bumps. A solid row up to the lock reflected this confidence, and the boat was moving swiftly. On the start, the boys were composed and went off strongly, with cox Helen looking to establish a strong rhythm early on. As the settle call came in, the boat was moving well, and Churchill were being held. Unfortunately, the squeeze wasn't quite there for the team, and Helen was forced to concede the bump. A disappointing day, but positives can also be taken away; thankfully, our equipment remained intact! The team will be looking for a solid performance on Saturday to cap off the campaign.

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