The Friends of Selwyn College Boat Club

(formerly The Henley Fund)

The Henley Fund was formed in 1927, originally to provide funds for the Boat Club to be able to send a crew to Henley Regatta each year. Nowadays, the renamed fund’s contributions to the Boat Club have been extended to cover all boat and most other equipment purchases, as well as supporting coaching costs and off Cam training in various different forms. Without support from The Friends of SCBC, quite simply, Selwyn rowing would not be sustainable.

Although the Fund has benefited from occasional one off donations, it is financed mainly by regular donations from former Boat Club members. Growing the number of regular donors is vital if the Fund, and therefore Selwyn rowing, are to continue to prosper.

Friends of SCBC Committee:
Chairman: Stephen Spencer
Hon Treasurer: Brian Hornsby
Hon Secretary: Ian Tillotson
Subscriptions Secretary: Fiona Morrison

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