President: Stella Dixon

Hello there! I’m Stella, SCBC’s incoming President, and a third year HSPS student studying Anthropology. I’m one of the few people who rowed before I came to Selwyn; I was inspired by the London 2012 Olympics and learned to row at my local rowing club in Chester. During my time there I went to a lot of regattas and head races, including representing the North West at the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta in the coxless quad where we came 5th. I also rowed at Fours Head and Women’s Head on the Tideway.

When I came to university, I was looking forward to rowing with other students, as well as focusing on sweep rowing in eights rather than sculling. I was right to look forward to it – SCBC has an incredibly supportive and friendly atmosphere, and the feeling of being a team is really strong when you all have to get up early to train! I had a fantastic first year of rowing, being part of W1 and competing in both the Lent and May Bumps (which really are like no other races – when I tell people at home about it, they think we’re mad!)

After my first year I decided to run for Women’s Captain, with the aim of shifting the focus of the senior women’s squad from purely ‘having fun’ to ‘having fun and winning things’. We upped our outings and land training sessions, and really focused on our goal to start moving up the Bumps tables. I’m happy to say that, thanks to the dedication of the squad and a wonderfully enthusiastic group of novices recruited by Grace, we managed to do just that – moving up 3 places in Lents and maintaining our position in Mays against some strong challenges, while also having W2 crews in both Getting-On Races. Meanwhile, SCBC as a whole went up in the world, with M1 achieving blades in Lents and three men’s boats qualifying for Mays, while our socials also became much more enthusiastic.

As President, I’m really looking forward to helping the club develop even further. I have three main goals. First of all, I’d like to carry on encouraging our members to be ambitious, thinking about what they want to achieve and how we can support their goals. As part of this I’d also like to focus on improving our equipment, as well as holding a training camp. Secondly, I’d like to make sure our club has even more of a supportive atmosphere, focusing on mental health through the new Welfare Officer position and thinking about how we can make rowing more accessible to people from all backgrounds. Finally, my third focus is on organisation – holding more committee meetings, spreading the workload fairly and making sure we stay up to date with social media and the website. Through achieving these goals, I hope that SCBC can have another amazing year, as well as laying the foundations for future success!

Men’s Captain: Owen Tutt

Hi!! I’m Owen, the incoming Men’s Captain. I’m a third year Biological Natural Scientist at Selwyn and have been part of the boat club since I joined Cambridge. SCBC has been such a large part of my experience at Selwyn, both in terms of time spent on the water and also the people I’ve met and the opportunities I’ve had through the club. I feel very strongly that SCBC contributes a lot to college life and gives students a way to branch out of their subjects and year groups. Having benefited from this myself, I’d like to help continue the great job SCBC has been doing alongside Grace and Stella. 

I didn’t row before I started at Selwyn, so I began as a novice in my first term and then progressed to M1 for Lent and May Bumps of that year. Despite getting spoons in Mays I returned in second year, as Lower Boats Captain, keen to get back on the water and to train up novices for the year ahead. We had a really successful Michaelmas with an NM1 and NM2 both performing well, but it was the huge growth in the size of the club and the great atmosphere that developed that made Michaelmas such a positive start to the year. We took this into our training for Lent Bumps and came out with blades for M1, which will forever be a highlight of my time at Cambridge. The atmosphere in the club at the time was amazing and such a supportive environment for everyone involved. It was great to see everyone’s enthusiasm continue into Easter term and all the way through exams in preparation for May Bumps. In fact, one of my proudest moments of university life was seeing the boat racks almost entirely empty on the last day of bumps with M1, M2, M3, W1 and W2 all racing or, importantly, supporting. That evening, we went onto have a Boat Club Dinner with over 80 in attendance, one of the largest BCDs in years. I have loved being part of SCBC, helping to build it into what it is today and I am really looking forward to the year ahead. There is plenty of training planned, which includes continuing to enter M2 and M3 into many races and hopefully coming out with more good results. The big aim is to get M1 back where they belong: in Div 1 for Lent Bumps, or as close to it as possible, but it’s clear that 2019/20 is going to be a strong year for Selwyn rowing. 

Women’s Captain: Grace Wood

Hi! I’m Grace, a third year English student at Selwyn College, and SCBC’s incoming women’s captain. Like most people who join the boat club, I had never rowed before I started in Michaelmas term of my first year. Truth be told, I think joining SCBC is one of the best decisions I have ever made: the boat club has given me something to succeed in, and focus on, alongside my degree, and offered me a community of people who I would probably have never known if I hadn’t joined. 

As Women’s Lower Boats Captain last year, my plan was to create a real community within the boat club, fostering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I had over five times the number of novices left at the end of my year as LBC compared to the previous year, with two novices in W1 for May bumps and many more making up the women’s second boat. As LBC, part of your responsibility is recruiting novices, organising their training, organising coaches if needed, and coaching novice rowers yourself. It’s hard work, but I found it incredibly rewarding. I learnt a lot by coaching the novices: when to push people to give more and when to stop; what is constructive feedback and what isn’t. I also learnt that the real reason to row is the community it gives. I wouldn’t know the year below me half so well if I wasn’t Lower Boats Captain. The boat club grew in numbers last year, but it also grew into a real community, and to be quite honest, this is one of the things that I am most proud of about my second year at Cambridge. 

Rowing in W1 last year likewise taught me a lot about teamwork and hard work. I learnt to push my limits and to reap the rewards that this can bring. In April I trialled for the University Development Squad and managed to qualify. I got the chance to don the light blue all-in-one for one day only, racing for the University of Cambridge at the British University Championships. Meanwhile, SCBC’s W1 of Lent and May Bumps was the most successful women’s first boat Selwyn has seen in eight years. Hopefully we can keep up the hard work and success of last year: we aim to put in time on the river and on the ergs so we can keep making our way up those bumps charts.

Treasurer: Joe Marsden

Secretary: Katie Bonner

Women’s Lower Boats Captains: Charlie Scholes & Layla Ettinghausen

Men’s Lower Boats Captain: Martin Atkins

Men’s Lower Boats Captain: Hal Mutton

Alumni & Relations: Karolina Prylinska

Coxing Rep: Hannah Lagorio

Social Secretary: Liv Tinker

Social Secretary:Lorcan Canavan

Welfare Officer: Theo Brook

Publicity Officer: Will Robson

Equipment and Safety Officer: Cody Abel