Pembroke Regatta


An exciting day of side-by-side racing today over 1000m with plenty of stories to tell – watch this space for a full race report!

W1: won against Queen’s W1 (Oxford) by ‘a distance’ and Queens’ W1 (Cambridge) by 1/2 a length (!!!), lost to Downing W1 by 1 length
W2: lost to Hughes Hall W2
M3: Caius MCR boat scratched then lost to Magdalene M4 by 1.5 lengths


Selwyn took to the river once again on Saturday for the last race before Bumps, with W1, W2 and M3 battling it out over a course of 1100m. Here are accounts from the three crews in their own words!

W1: by Stella Dixon
W1 had a fantastic day at Pembroke Regatta, managing to test the mettle of some highly ranked crews. Despite only doing their first practice start on Tuesday, and their first race being stopped halfway and rerowed due to an indignant houseboat, W1 produced a clinical win over Queen’s College (Oxford).

Although this was cause for celebration, the work for the day was not over and next up they took on Queens’ (Cambridge). It was a nail-biting race, with Selwyn leading off the start before Queens’ strode out to a length’s lead. However, W1 were not content to be beaten and, in the latter stages of the race, gave it their all to eek out a win by half a length.

The next round was against Downing, who are currently second on the river in Lents. Once again W1 pulled as hard as they could – although they were eventually outclassed by the finesse of Downing, they put up a terrific fight and Downing could only claim a length’s margin at the finish. Overall this great result against some highly ranked crews is a testament to the hard work W1 have put in through the term, and bodes very well for their Lent Bumps campaign in just a few weeks’ time!

W2: by Olivia Tinker
W2 took part in their first race as a set crew on Saturday at Pembroke Regatta. The sun was shining and the atmosphere on the river was great – there was lots of support from our fellow crews as Helen, our cox, entertained the competition while we waited at the start line with a selection of music! (the most popular being ‘Year 3000’ by Busted)

The crew rowed really well, using the race as an opportunity to practice their race starts and lengthening of strokes. They sadly lost to Hughes Hall, however all of the crew enjoyed the race, rowing well as a team. It was a big confidence boost as we head towrds the Getting On Race for Lent Bumps in the next few weeks – with more practice already underway on the race starts, everything is looking good!

M3: by Oliver Black
Dreading the early morning race on Saturday, M3 trudged to bed, only to discover, moments later, that their opposition had scratched and they could have a half hour lie in till the second round. Well rested and with a longer nights sleep than expected Selwyn M3 pushed off, and got some solid technical work done while waiting to marshal.

The over 20 practice starts and light crew really paid off, as M3 sped out of the start, gaining just over a boat length on Magdalene M4 within the first 500m. Unfortunately we were all a bit too excited, and failed to settle into as powerful and calm a rhythm as we would have liked, so the larger and more powerful Magdalene crew slowly erased our lead and passed us, going on to win by one and a half boat lengths. While not a perfect result, the start was an extremely promising sign for Bumps, given the Magdalene boat are potentially several divisions above us.

Check out a video of M3’s race here

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