Lent Bumps 2018


Men’s First Boat

Lent bumps 2018 started off with a strong first day for Selwyn’s M1 who rowed-over. The comfortable row-over saw Selwyn move away from Downing, who bumped out early one, and put pressure on First and Third. This was to set the tone for the rest of the week. Despite cancellation of racing on Thursday due to cold and icy conditions, this did not disrupt the crew. Friday saw a good warm up for the crew on the way to station, with a punchy start to the race. Selwyn quickly put serious pressure on Homerton out of the gut and into the plough reach. Homerton soon succumbed to M1’s “standfast” call and could no longer hold off Selwyn. The crew had now built up a good level of momentum that was to carry through into Saturday. Once more M1 managed to get off to a calm but assertive start allowing gains to be made on FAT by first post corner. With excellent steering and calls made by our cox Rose, M1 were able to keep driving towards FAT and execute the second bump of the week just at the start of the reach.

Overall this Lent bumps campaign was successful for the Selwyn M1 despite harsh conditions. The crew were able to settle into a relaxed but assertive rhythm each day and work well together.

Hector Gardiner,

Men’s Captain 2017-2018

Women’s First Boat

Day One – Tuesday 27th February 2018

W1 were full of enthusiasm, nerves and excitement after a term of hard work and training. For a couple of our crew it was their first experience of bumps, so they were blissfully unaware of the carnage that can unfold! We went off with a strong start, holding off a very strong Darwin W1 until Grassy corner, where Kenneth, our cox, made the correct and safe decision to concede early to an imminent bump, as continuing around the corner would have resulted in a crash. Kenneth was complimented by CUCBC for his sensible and smart coxing during the race!


Day Two – Thursday 1st March 2018

Unfortunately Thursday did not see any racing. Races were cancelled for all divisions due to the heavy snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures.


Day Three – Friday 2nd March 2018

After a monumental effort, starting at 7am to clear the snow and ice from the towpath, racing went ahead on Friday 2nd of March. Today we were being chased by Sidney W1, and chasing Darwin W1 who had bumped us on Tuesday. The bitter temperatures and harsh wind meant that the whole crew were suffering a bit in the cold after sitting around at the start. Unfortunately, various blunders during the count-down meant that we did not push out straight and the crew were not ready for the start. This resulted in us rowing straight into the bank on the start, with Emma’s blade getting stuck under some metal and wooden framework sticking out into the water. Amazingly, after a catastrophic thirty seconds, we were still managing to hold of a strong Sidney Sussex who had beaten us convincingly in a head to head race a couple of weeks before. The crew put in a valiant effort, managing to pull away from Sidney and consolidate slightly, but in the end of we just couldn’t make up for our start, and Sidney caught us on plough reach. Despite the result, the crew rowed exceptionally well and with guts and determination.


Day Four – Saturday 3rd March 2018

After another early start shovelling snow and ice on the tow path, W1 were ready to take on their final race. Saturday saw us chasing Sidney Sussex W1 and being chased by Robinson W1. We had a strong start, but Robinson appeared to be storming off the start and quickly gained to within a boat’s length of us. After initially looking like it might be a very swift bump for Robinson, we managed to keep holding them off, pushing away slightly, with Robinson then gaining back, and us pushing away slightly again. This determined row continued right up until Ditton corner, when the strong Robinson crew eventually got the bump.

Despite the results, we are so proud of the W1 crew this term. They have been full of determination, enthusiasm and hard work and have made such massive improvements.  Their commitment was highlighted when they all turned up at 8am to shovel snow and ice off of the towpath, meaning that bumps could go ahead for us and other crews. We are very excited for training camp and for our May Bumps campaign.

Abbie Barnes and Emma Harper,

Women’s Captain’s 2017-2018

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