Emma Sprints Report 2017

Emma Sprints this Sunday 19th November was a steep learning curve for NM1. Drawn against the hosts, Emmanuel NM1, Selwyn had a very panicked start which unfortunately was never recovered from, allowing the Emma crew to stay ahead. Despite this, Selwyn’s power closed Emma’s lead to ¼ of a length until, with only 100m of the long reach to go, a crab saw us collide out of the race. Emma would go on to lose to Cauis in the final. Drawn next against Peterhouse NM1, and after a talking to from myself, the boys were confident they could have a very different second race. The start was much better, and we pulled ahead almost immediately. However, the two crews veered into each other with some scrappy strokes on strokeside needed to draw clear. Despite this, we managed to finish the race with a lovely piece of clean, rhythmic rowing that was the best we’d seen all term. Going into Clare Novices next week and looking to the senior men’s squad next term, NM1 are showing real promise.

Sam Wisbey, Men’s Lower Boats Captain

NW1 showed a strong start to their racing careers at Emma Sprints on Sunday. In their first race the girls started beautifully and quickly pulled away from Wolfson NW2. Some rocky timing in the middle of the sprint allowed Wolfson to catch up, but (with enthusiastic encouragement from the bank and cox) Selwyn quickly recovered. Some great rowing in the last 100m led to a well deserved win, meaning we were then racing against a formidable Hughes Hall NW1 in the Quarter Finals. Once again, we started strong and were doing well until an unfortunate couple of crabs lead to a loss of timing, enabling Hughes to draw away. The girls pulled together to finish well, but unfortunately were unable to make it up to Hughes, who went on to win the division. For a first race experience the whole crew did amazingly (and made their LBCs very proud!), showing a lot of potential for this term.


Charlotte Benham, Women’s Lower Boats Captain

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