The nominations are in…

We sent out a boat naming appeal in autumn to rename M1’s uninspiringly-named ‘Sims VIII’ boat. Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions. It’s obviously an important issue, and we were pleased to get some input from Selwyn’s top celebs, including Hugh Laurie, The Most Reverend John Sentamu, George Augustus Selwyn, and Usain Boat.


The most popular names were:

  • Owen Chadwick (x10)
  • Boaty McBoatFace (and variants thereof, x6)
  • Sel-win (and variants thereof, x5)
  • Felicity Webster (x2)
  • Viracocha (x2)
  • Donald Bump (x2)

There were dedications to:

  • Robert Galbenu
  • Roger Mosey
  • Cath Elliston
  • Heather McKay
  • Ellie Nye
  • David Barton
  • Craig Peter Winfield
  • Ran Laurie
  • Ian Cooper
  • Titan Nick
  • Mac
  • Ariana
  • Hamish
  • The Gnome

(Though I cannot guarantee these people didn’t nominate themselves…)

And the best of the rest were:

  • 1882
  • Does my bump look big in this?
  • Sims (VIII)
  • Bishops Boat
  • The Courgette
  • Harambe
  • The Unsinkable II
  • Rowna Bout
  • Sinky McGee
  • Oar Righty-Then

The Henley Fund will make the final call (so they’re the people to lobby…!). We’ll get the boat and board painted and announce the new name as soon as we can.



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