Hi Novices, Welcome to Senior Rowing!


We’d like to give you a quick insight into senior rowing and everything that encompasses.
Firstly, congratulations you’ve completed novice term and made it through fairbairns! The good news is that the racing in lent and easter term is much more exciting. Bumps races will take place at the end of week 6, and this is your first taste of proper senior rowing races. The aim is to hit the boat in front of you before you’re caught by the boat behind. As you may have heard, M1 had an incredibly successful bumps campaign last year and we’re hoping that with the help of our new seniors, both the men’s and the women’s squads will match their success.
We also have many fun social events for you this term. As well as Boatie Curry and Boat Club Dinner, we have a swap with Kings BC to give ourselves a chance to get to know our fellow boathousers (I think I made up that word), and we will hopefully have some boat club bonding with a paintballing trip at the end of term.
Your captains, Maria and Harry (both legends), will be in touch soon about some fairly chilled trials to set boats for the term. See you next week.
Boatie love x

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