Queens Ergs Race Report


SCBC assembled a strong crew for Qergs, with 5 Mays W1/M1 crew members and an assortment of strong up and coming crew members. Historically, results had been mixed,
so this year we went out with a point to prove. Hector started first, with a strong sub 1:30
split, followed by Charlie Cullen, former CULRC president, who pulled a blisteringly fast
1:25.3 to put SCBC well in contention. This was followed by our newest SCBC member,
Ellen, who also did a very fast time along with Aimee, to consolidate our position amongst
the rest of the competing teams. This was followed up by Women’s Captain Maria as well
as Jenny, both of whom are 2x Mays W1 rowers, who did 1:44.5 and 1:46.3 respectively.
The gauntlet was set then for Men’s Captain Harry and 3x Mays M1 rower and current
President Charlie Nye. Harry put the hammer down and smashed out 1:24.9, while Charlie
did an impressive 1:26.6. Overall, Selwyn finished 5th out of 12 in the rankings, much improving upon their result from last year.

Author: Harry Prudden (Men’s Captain, 2016-2017)

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