Henly Fund Annual Meeting 2016


(written by Ian Tillotson, Secretary of the HF and SE 92-96)
As part of kicking off the activities for SCBC and SCWBC for the coming academic year (2016/17) the annual meeting with the Selwyn College Permanent Henley Fund was held on Saturday 8th October. This is an annual meeting in college where the Committee from the Henley Fund meet with the lead officers of SCBC and SCWBC to go through plans for the year ahead. The Henley Fund is the alumni association for SCBC / SCWBC, with members contributing annual donations that are then held by the Fund and used in support of Selwyn rowing. A key action in this annual meeting is for the boat club to summarise and request funding support needed for the year – primarily to support provision of external coaching, of any major equipment purchase and also support for any planned training camp.
As well as attendees in College (the SCPHF Chairman – Steve Spencer, Treasurer – Brian Hornsby, Secretary – Ian Tillotson and committee members Fiona Morrison, Dave Barton, Emily Hopkinson) this year’s meeting was notable for including remote attendance via skype of Matthias Beestermoeller from Germany.
With the excitement of the boathouse build and opening now behind us and a number of attendees invigorated from the alumni outing earlier in the day, focus for the meeting was very much on the year ahead and continuing to build on the successful performance of the Men’s club last year and in supporting the Ladies’ club in building a successful campaign for the year. The discussion overall was very productive with key highlights being the potential for some new equipment purchase this year (watch this space for more updates), and also encouragement from the Henley Fund Committee of both clubs to participate in off Cam activities such as HORR, WHORR and also to consider qualification at Henley
Engagement with recent leavers from SCBC / SCWBC continues to be a focus area to ensure new contributors to the Fund are identified, enabling the Fund to continue providing the ongoing level of support to Selwyn rowing. The Committee left impressed with the plans and objectives for the year, and looks forward to continuing to engage with SCBC / SCWBC throughout the year.

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