W2 May Bumps 2016 Race Reports


On our first day we were all very excited but also nervous, as for some of us it was our first time rowing in bumps. Our nerves were exacerbated by the knowledge that we were being chased by Jesus. However with adrenalin and some really gutsy rowing, we managed to hold Jesus off, they were to close to getting a bump at grassy corner but we kept pushing off of them, until Ditton Corner where they managed to bump us. A very gutsy row from everyone and good coxing calls.


On day 2 we were ready and excited and determined to row a good race, however, we were being chased by St Edmunds W1, a very competent crew, and they bumped us very quickly, with a very quick start and very strong rowing. We were disappointed but knew we could not have put any more into the race.



We were ready and raring to go for day three of bumps. Whilst we were marshalling Pembroke’s coach pulled us aside and asked us to hold St Cats off for a few minutes, until Pembroke could bump St Cats, however this plan did not unfold. Pembroke were too slow off the start, and St Cats put in a solid, strong row, gaining on us quickly and bumping us by 1st post before Pembroke had chance to bump St Cats.


On our final day we were as determined as ever, although a little tired by this point, we were ready to put everything into our final row.  We had a fast start, gaining slighting on Cats, getting our first and only whistle in our bumps campaign. However Pembroke carried on solidly gaining on us until they achieved a bump and brought an end to W2’s May Bumps 2016. Despite being awarded spoons, we all knew that we could not have rowed any harder, or put any more effort in and in that respect we were happy and proud of our performance.

Back Row: Mollie Cornell, Mascha Mironova, Jemma Offley, Abbie Barnes, Freya Hufton, Amy Bland (coach). Front Row: Aimee North, Kenneth McHardy (cox), Harriet Brien.  Absent: Annabel Allison

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