W1 May Bumps 2016 Race report


With nothing ahead of them, W1 were determined to settle in and make this a solid row-over to keep their place at the head of the division. However, we hadn’t bargained on such a strong Magdalene crew chasing us. Our start was strong and we quickly pulled away from Magdalene and gained some ground, but the chasing crew inched up behind us and had gained a whistle by First Post Corner. Cox Aleka called for a burst of power and we managed to gain a little space, but Magdalene closed the gap again through the gut, pushing up to two whistles by Grassy Corner and immediately following it with a surge which took them up to three whistles. Unfortunately our efforts couldn’t match the faster crew and we had to concede a bump on Plough Reach.


Catz had been bumped down by Magdalene the previous day and so we had our target in sight. Only a few strokes out of the start Selwyn W1 had already moved up to a whistle, only a length away from Catz. Spurred on by this, we took a power ten and gained another half a length in the Gut, and were on three whistles before Grassy Corner. The bump was in sight, and we sat on three whistles as we took the corner and came onto Plough Reach. A good line by the Catz cox spared them what would have otherwise been an assured bump. Unfortunately for Selwyn, Fitz W1 had been moving steadily up towards us as all this went on, and as we tried to chase Catz down and close those last few inches, Fitz put on a huge burst of power and got their bump in first, hitting us just by The Plough.



Determined to get our bump back, Selwyn W1 managed to get a whistle on Fitz almost straight out of the start, and held them there through the gut, though losing some ground on the straight between First Post and Grassy. Fitz weren’t going to go down easy, though, and pulled away by Grassy to close in on the boat ahead- however, when they bumped, they failed to clear, and were left sitting halfway across the river as Selwyn approached. Making a safety judgement, our cox Aleka called for us to easy. At this point, Trinity Hall bore down on us, their cox unable to see what had happened, only holding it up when Aleka raised her hand to stop them. While the umpires at the scene agreed that Fitz had caused an obstruction, the deputy chief umpire awared Tit Hall a “technical bump” against us- obviously deeply frustrating and disappointing for Selwyn, but the result was sadly not retracted despite our appeal.


The last day of Bumps saw us being chased by Homerton W1, a crew packed with CUW returners- not a prospect any of us felt very enthusiastic about! But we decided that if they were going to get us, we were at least going to make it hard for them. Sure enough, we pulled away from them with a powerful start and a high ten, gaining a whistle on Tit Hall, ahead of us. We managed to keep the gap open between us and Homerton past First Post corner, after which they managed to pull back up to station. Aleka made some excellent calls and Selwyn gave it their all, but Homerton steadily closed the distance between the two boats, ending it with a dramatic bump just past Grassy Corner.

Back: Maria Daley, Jenny Thornton, Teresa Baron (c), Jenny Johnson, Hannah Warwicker Front Row: Emma Harper, Claire Worrall, Aleka Gürel (cox), Eleanor Salter

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