M3 May Bumps 2016 Race Reports


M3 went into the first day of bumps full of enthusiasm for the week of bumps. For almost the entire boat, it was their first experience of the carnage that ensues on the river cam. A strong start meant they held FaT |V on station until past the railway bridge. Unfortunately, inexperience in the choppy water caused by ARU meant several crabs were caught and they we’re quickly bumped in the ensuing chaos. Despite this, the crew were happy with their first race and knew they had more to give for the remaining week!


A rousing team talk beforehand from our substitute cox, Lorenzo, rallied the crew together. Today was fly-in-order to avoid the sandwich boat position. Lessons were learnt from the day before and every member made a strong effort to square early and hold their bodies strong. Pembroke ||| were just that much faster though, and easily caught Selwyn ||| just before the railway bridge. Everyone knew they had given there all though, sometimes the crew chasing is just faster!



M3 today saw the return of their main cox, Oli, who loyally came straight from his last exam (smelling suspiciously of Cava). Unfortunately, they also lost Afnan, probably their strongest rower who had to whizz off the America for work. The plan was to try and hold on for the row over, being top of the division and hope Churchill ||| could quickly catch a faltering Queen’s |V, who had gone down the previous day. They started well, with Churchill gaining on Queens and Selwyn holding them on station past 1st post corner. Despite an excellent line taken by their returning cox around the corner, a lack of fitness and experience showed and they were bumped by Queens. An unfortunate day but nonetheless a solid row!


Well aware that they were on the verge of spooning, M3 approached the final day with trepidation. They knew Churchill were fast but could not catch Queens yesterday, so were quietly confident about there chances. However, perhaps from overall tiredness from the previous days racing and of course exams, they were quickly caught to 3 whistles after a slightly dodgy start. Oli called for a power 10, yelling at them to empty the tanks and leave nothing left. They held for a few seconds and nearly pulled away, but Churchill’s excellent fitness and mental discipline meant they were bumped just before first post corner. They had spooned, but not without dignity. There was clearly some excellent potential in their boat and they look forward to continuing rowing next year. Beers were shared round and they could start looking forward to BCD!

Back Row: Rohit Gupta, Mark Rostock, Matt Escott, Tamas Papp, Edward Rochford, Jack Wu Front Row: Jack Entwistle, Oli Wood (cox), Matthew Sheasby

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