M2 May Bumps 2016 Race Report


Going into day 1 we knew we were faced with a strong Magdalene crew behind us given their very strong performance in champs head. However as a crew we knew we had made significant improvements since then and were keen to go out hard on Trinity Hall in what was three of the crew’s first May bumps. After a strong start we began gaining on Trinity Hall but not quickly enough. We were bumped by Magdalene around the plough.


Going into day 2 we were being chased by Fitzwilliam who had overbumped the day before. Knowing they clearly weren’t a slow crew we knew we were going to fight and that we did. A very strong start and row through the corners kept Fitz on station we weren’t giving them an inch. Just after Ditton Fitz made a move but we countered straight away and the gap remained. It wasn’t until near the end of the reach that Fitz made another move. Unfortunately this time we had nothing left in the tank. They soon started moving up on us and despite giving it everything they caught us 200m from the finish.



Stirred on by the knowledge that we were could hold Fitz for almost the entire course we knew that the bump back was more than just possible and we were determined to get it. After a very strong and focused row up and a very promising practise start we were very positive in anticipation of the days racing. We lined up to start and as the cannon went we performed easily our best start of the term and got inside station on Fitz. Throughout the course we gradually ate into Fitz until we had three whistles coming passed the plough. Some brilliant steering by our cox, Peter Mooney, saw us to the bump around Ditton. After my initial confusion as to why I was being told to hold it up mid race I soon realised we had bumped as the crew cheered and we rowed to the bank to collect our greenery.


On day 4 we were chasing Churchill who were on for spoons and who were just bumped by Trinity Hall a crew we knew we were quicker then. What we didn’t realise at the time was that they were only bumped due to a rogue crab and were actually a very fast crew. We went out hard but not hard enough and Fitz had an incredible start. They started to gain on us early on and rowed incredibly well and caught us before First Post corner. Unfortunately, the unreliability of budget airlines had caused our 7 to have to miss this day but a big thank you to Edward Lewis for stepping in. Thanks also to our Coach Gareth for all his hard work.


Back row: Rob Byron, Yuuki Shigemoto, Christoph Klein, Ed Lewis (sub), Jack Kelsall       Front Row: Ted Mackey, George Cole, Peter Mooney (cox), Hector Gardiner

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