Tom Page award winner 2016: Amy Bland

This year’s Tom Page award (for enthusiasm and dedication to the Boat Club) went to one of our first-year students, Theologian Amy Bland. Amy came up as a senior rower, having rowed for the best part of the last decade already, and rowed with Selwyn W1 in Michaelmas before taking over as W2 coach for Lent and Easter. We interviewed Amy about her rowing life…

SE: What made you start rowing?
Amy: I started rowing when I was 9 years old. We were given a booklet at school of sports you could try during the holidays. I wanted to do kayaking, but you had to be 10, so I thought rowing was the next best thing. From then I was hooked and have since rowed in all the different boat classes (except 2+) in a whole variety of races.
SE: What do you like most about rowing?
Amy: I love the feeling of being on the water and making the boat go fast and smooth. Also the team element is really great.

SE: What’s your favourite thing about SCBC?
Amy: I love the mix of people in the boat club and how visible the improvements are. There were some people who rowed in the first boat who only picked up an oar in October.

SE: Is there anything you would change about the boat club?
Amy: More integration between the men and women’s squad. The first time I spoke to most of the men was at training camp very Easter.
Thanks Amy, we hope you have a good summer and stay in love with rowing!

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