Selwyn alumni go for a paddle…


As part of the annual Selwyn old boys’ and old girls’ weekend, which also happened to coincide with this year’s Henley Fund meeting, we thought it would be a great idea to organise an SCBC alumni outing. By some stroke (pardon the pun) of luck (or a spectacular feat of organisation by Emily), we ended up with perfect numbers to take out a men’s VIII and a women’s IV, with coxes.

The men, coxed by current Overall Captain, Teresa Baron, pushed off and headed downriver to the lock. Despite never having rowed as a crew together before, they had a great paddle to lock and back up to the P&E, adding in some technical drills here and there, and even doing some piecing when the water was clear of novices.


The women, meanwhile, pushed off the hard and paddled upstream past the boathouses and spun at Jesus Lock. It was only then that we realised we’d placed ourselves right at the centre of novice carnage… However, Emily Hopkinson (SE 2008) coxed us expertly through the meandering novice VIIIs (ignoring the occasional shout of “Selwyn, no!”) and swiftly got us onto the Reach, where we bumped (not literally) into the men and decided to organise a race…

Both crews did a standing start from the spinning zone at the bottom of the Long Reach, the women starting some 100m ahead of the men (just to even the odds…), and set off towards the Railway Bridge, which had been deemed the finish line. About halfway through the race, the men started edging out into the centre of the river for an overtake, but the women held them off all the way to the bridge (which may have been due to an oncoming novice crew forcing the men to wind it down, but essentially the ladies won….actually: Selwyn won!).

All in all, it was a great morning (despite the weather) and although it may have been a painful reminder of what blisters feel like, and how unfit many of us are, everyone had lots of fun and hopefully we can do the same next year!

Crews: Emily Hopkinson (SE 2008), Penelope Jarrett (SE1980), Moira Kelly (SE2008), Lizzie Robinson (current), Clare Happenstall (SE 1984), Teresa Baron (current), Robin Hellen (SE2003), Huw Champion (SE1966), Alexander Goold (SE1989), Christian Vaquero  (SE2009), Dave Barton (SE 2009), James Robinson (SE2008), Matthias Beestermoeller (SE2008),


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