Exciting times for the boat club… A report from the Permanent Henley Fund‘s Annual Meeting

The SCPHF Committee

Last weekend, the current boat club officers met with the Permanent Henley Fund’s committee to discuss current and future events of the Club and how the Henley Fund can help facilitate SCBC success on the water. We had a very enjoyable meeting with alumni from across the generations.

For those not present we are happy to share some insights from our meeting:

  • The boathouse rebuilding is in full swing, and expected completion is at the end of April 2016. WE PLAN A BIG REOPENING PARTY, the date of details of which we will announce shortly.
  • We will publish a calendar of events with all SCBC and SCBC alumni highlights to plan around. We are planning a gathering at the Boat Race.
  • The Henley Fund is committed to improve the facilities of rowing where it can and where possible and necessary. The meeting reviewed the boat refurbishment plans to ensure our equipment is maintained to a high standard. Furthermore the Henley Fund will fund the purchase of two new erg handles for the gym and a new set of cox box headsets.
  • We continue to financially support SCBC coaches and support SCBC’s activity off the water and on training camps off the Cam.
  • We will organize yet another alumni outing at next year’s Selwyn alumni sports weekend. Recent and very recent boat club alumni are especially welcome to come along and see how much fitness they still have.
  • Following the achievement of last year’s men’s first VIII we plan to take ownership of a second hand Simms boat.
  • We are working to renew our sponsorship deal.
  • We invite all SCBC alumni especially recent leavers to stay in touch and follow us on Facebook. We will continue to post actively about alumni events, activities of the boat club and the work of the Henley Fund!

So there is indeed lots happening… Would you like to get involved to support our current generation of rowers? Do you have suggestion for improvement for our alumni work? Anything else? We would love to hear from you. Do not hesitate to get in touch (matthias.beestermoeller [ at ] econ.lmu.de)

We wish SCBC all the best for the current season. Keep working hard! Everyone rows hard on race day, SCBC rows hard always!

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