Selwyn Alumni train for Boston Marathon

Alumni outing next to our about to be demolished boathouse
Alumni outing next to our about to be demolished boathouse

‘A number of male and female alumni from across several decades foolishly answered the summons to row the Boston Marathon, some of us before realizing that it wasn’t in glamorous Boston Massachussets but in fact a 31 mile slog across the fens from Lincoln to Boston with nothing but a bank on either side to look at for 4 and a half hours.

For any reader of this blog our leader Huw Champion will need no introduction, as he bestrides A P McEldowney’s history of the club from 1882 to 1974 (mainly in the latter years mind) like a colossus. McEldowney charted his impact from arriving in 1966 and ‘working beaver-like on the lower boats’ through to rowing with the men he’d trained in prior years to win oars in the 1st Division in the 1969 Mays. Terrifying to think he’d done all that before I came bawling into the world about a month later. I feel too old to be doing this, while its his 45th (?) Boston marathon and I think he’s the only person not terrified at what he’s let himself in for.

We first gathered on 28th June at the Portacabins by what used to be the boathouse, and enjoyed the kind of sunny limpid Cam day an alumni’s memories are made of! The way we sat it would have been remarkable, if not for the fact we never plucked up the courage to go all eight rowing and kept the stabilizers on throughout! So far we’ve managed 4 outings, managing no shows and last minute changes and never with the same crew twice. We had such a good outing with only 7 in the boat we’re thinking maybe we should always do it! 2 more outings left, and its the big day on 20th September!

So if anyone is feeling generous please use below link to the club’s donations page for the new boathouse, and wish us luck…..

Hugh Wood, SE 1988-92’

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