Novice Fairbairns

So today we had an incredibly windy novice Fairbairns, with huge gusts and even trees falling down onto the course.


The results are up here:

NW1 were 8th out of 42 crews
NW2 were 14th out of 42 crews
NW3 were 38th out of 42 crews

NM1 were 23rd out of 52 crews
NM2 were 33rd out of 52 crews
NM3 were 45th out of 52 crews

Well done to all the competing novices and coaches! Hope to see you all out on the river next term.

Tomorrow we’ve got M1 and the W1 squad (VIII & IV) competing in senior Fairbairns so good luck to them – hope the conditions get a bit better!