NM2 - Fairbairns CupNM2 – Fairbairns Cup

1. You Need to be Huge

Rubbish. Rowing is a very technical sport and particularly with novice boats it is the crews with the superior technique which move faster and not the tallest, biggest or strongest. . We very much try to cater for everyone, whether you are a budding Steve Redgrave or merely someone who feels that they can’t pass up the opportunity to row while they are at Cambridge.

2. I’ll Be Too Busy

Rowing is organised around lectures, labs and supervisions at times to suit you. At the end of the day we are all here to study for a degree and it is frequently demonstrated that rowing and first class marks are often related…

3. I Need to Buy Expensive Gear

Basically just old trainers, shorts or tracksuit bottoms depending on the weather, and a long or short sleeved t-shirt will be just fine to get started. You won’t need lycra (unless that takes your fancy). Later in the term, once the teams are sorted, we’ll get some crew t-shirts printed to row and race in. A water bottle is also a good idea for proper outings in an ‘eight’. All other equipment is provided by the club.

Don’t be afraid to sign up – most of us had never got into a boat before we arrived here.

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