1. How much time will rowing take up?

As a guideline, a men’s boat can expect to be doing one or two morning outings, plus an afternoon or weekend outing. Each outing will last roughly an hour and a half. We may ask for one piece of land training (a run, or timed piece on a rowing machine) per week, which would take at most an hour to complete. A women’s boat could expect to have one morning outing and one afternoon or weekend outing per week, with an occasional land session on the rowing machines as and when required.

2. How does rowing fit around work?

More easily than you’d think. Almost all novices fit rowing successfully around their study, and can even get from a morning outing to a 9am lecture just fine. It is important to remember that your Cambridge experience consists of more than study alone, and that the time you invest in rowing will provide much-needed relaxation and enjoyment, not to mention its fitness benefit and the many friendships you’ll make as a result. Those dull Sunday afternoons will have a bit of direction and purpose.

3. How hard is rowing? Do I need to do much fitness training?

Like any sport, rowing requires a lot of physical effort and you can expect to get tired! On the other hand, learning to row will often involve a lot of technical training and the intensity of novice sessions is therefore quite low.

Anyone can start rowing, however fit they are, and whether or not they’re the ‘sporty type’. The myth that you need to be tall and weigh 100kg to row is just that, a myth … Take a quick look at the pictures of our extremely successful Bumps Eights for evidence! A lot of novices come to us with little experience of training and go on to secure places in our top boats. As it’s you who decides how much training you want, you can build up your fitness gradually.

4. What clothing or equipment will I need?

Initially, nothing special. It is enough to turn up for your Novice outings with a simple gym kit of tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, trainers and warm jumper (important). In time, towards the end of term, we’ll arrange a kit order when you may buy SCBC ’stash’ which might include a lycra all-in-one, technical top, leggings or a splash jacket.

5. I already have rowing experience. How do I get involved?

We’re always pleased to welcome school and university rowers, who are fast-tracked straight into the upper boats squad. In the first instance, please contact the overall Men’s and Women’s Captains or click here to find out more.

6. Where do I sign up?

If you would like to get involved with rowing at Selwyn, contact the Lower Boats’ Captains here. You’ll also catch us at the Freshers Fair and Freshers squash or Boathouse BBQ in freshers week – or just ask anyone wearing maroon and gold in the college bar and they’ll be able point you in the right direction. Alternatively, click here to find out more.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Click here to contact our Lower Boat Captains.