May Bumps 2013 – Day Two

Another eventful day on the Cam, with exactly the same overall results as the first day for S.C.B.C.

The day started with the Hermes M4 boat restored to their sandwich boat position at the head of Division 6 thanks to a scratch from F.a.T. V higher up in Div. 5. A strong row over at head was followed by an impressive long-haul bump on Homerton III, which took from the Lock until Ditton. The Hermes boys will be hoping to continue their ascent today. The Pimm’s boat gave a much better showing of themselves on Day 2, gaining one whistle on Clare III, who had had the advantage of W3’s crash yesterday. Sadly, Emmanuel IV, who had overbumped the day before, were steadily pressing up on Selwyn, and despite some sturdy resistence from the girls, got the bump.

M3 were also looking to make up for a disappointing first day, hoping to hold off St Cat’s III for the course. Despite some pre-cannon drama ahead of us, with Wolfson II losing a gate on the row-up (they got it fixed in time, but still only held Jesus halfway down First Post reach), M3 had a much calmer and stronger start than yesterday, and settled into a good race rhythm. Cat’s began creeping up and though M3 held it together strongly, and made them fight all the way to the Gut, they were just unable to muster that extra 10% to start pushing away. Day 3 will see them attempt to learn from this with Christ’s III (their fellows’ boat) behind.

M3 Row Home. (c) L. Santinelli

After Day 1’s disappointement, W2 were looking for a strong performance to give themselves another shot at Pembroke, whom they had nearly bumped on the first day. With a strong Girton II crew pushing from behind, W2 started well and a massive crab from St Cat’s ahead gave them hope of a revenge bump. Sadly, Girton gave it everything and managed to catch the girls just before they could hit Cat’s, who were parked on the bank. The resulting clearing led to Cat’s being trapped and granted a technical row-over, allowing Magdalene II to power through and get an unconventional ‘Overbump and A Half’ on Pembroke III, with the three crews between them out of action.

M2 knew that Darwin I would be more of a challenge than F.a.T. III had been, especially with a catchable Clare II ahead of them. A strong start saw them stay on station with Darwin and maintain that all the way through to the Railway bridge, where Darwin finally ground down Clare for the bump. A strong row-over for M2 though and high hopes for chasing Clare on Day 3. Meanwhile, F.a.T. behind them were bumped by Cat’s and caused a re-row of the entire division below 6th.

In the 2nd division, M1 continued their climb with a powerful bump on Robinson, who had given Peterhouse a long race the day before. Selwyn looked to finish the job early though, and a few strong shunts in the Gut, combined with some erratic steering from ‘Binson saw them get the bump just before Grassy. W1 had a similar fly or die attitude in their race, pushing well up into Girton, as Peterhouse pressed hard behind. With Selwyn hovering less than half a length off Girton’s stern, Peterhouse put in a push to finish it off though, and got the bump.

M1 after bumping. (c) L.Santinelli

May Bumps 2013 – Day One

Mixed fortunes on the first day of the 2013 May Bumps for S.C.B.C., with two bumps, one row-over and four crews going down.

The first Selwyn boat in action was M4, representatives of the Hermes Club, who faced a tough row at the head of the 6th division being chased by Darwin III, their fellows’ boat. Their superior experience showed in both their rowing and their choice to wear lycra even in Division 6, and despite some solid racing from M4, Darwin caught them on Grassy (managing in the process to give the bow of Laurie a closer acquaintance with the bank than was ideal). Darwin went on to bump Homerton III as sandwich boat, so M4 will at least have a new target in their sights, although the scratching of FaT V has possibly led to some rejigging of the start order. The Hermes boat’s female counterparts, the Sirens Club, rowing as W3, definitely had circumstances against them in the 4th division: a rushed push-out, the strong headwind and then a snapped rudder line saw them career into the bank before really getting going in their race, leading to them being caught by Clare III. The girls will be hoping to acquit themselves better tomorrow.

Next up was the recently assembled, mostly MCR M3. With a swift Jesus III crew behind, it was a matter of trying to hit Darwin II in front as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Jesus proved too fast, although a collision with Darwin, after they had bumped Wolfson II ahead, led to some confusion: Jesus’ bump was awarded at the time, but The Tab later reported (at 16.13), erroneously it seems, that the decision had been overruled and technical row-overs given instead.

Both the men’s and women’s second boats started strongly in their respective races in the 3rd divisions. W2 had three whistles on Pembroke III in the Gut, but couldn’t quite finish the job before St Catherine’s II behind them came back strongly for the Bump on Grassy Corner. M2 on the other hand took advantage of their strong start to reel in First and Third III and complete the bump just before entering Grassy.

M2 Wednesday
M2 pulling in for their greenery at Grassy Corner. (c) L.Santinelli

And finally to the first boats: M1 raced first, chasing Downing II in the 2nd division. Downing put up a sturdy resistance, but Selwyn steadily ground them down, pushing inside a length by Grassy, and finally getting the bump on Ditton. W1 put in a solid performance in the 1st division, rowing over after crews bumped out ahead and behind them: having gained some ground on St Catherine’s in front, this was soon lost as Cat’s pushed into a flagging Girton, eventually catching them by the Plough. Tomorrow brings an interesting line-up with Selwyn getting a shot at Girton, while being chased from behind by Peterhouse, who caught Magdalene today.

M1 Wednesday
M1 chasing down Downing II. (c) L.Santinelli

A tentative start for S.C.B.C. all round, but one which bears some promise for the rest of the week!


UPDATE – Full race reports are now up on the website:

M1 – Wednesday – bumped Downing II

W1 – Wednesday – rowed over

M2 – Wednesday – bumped FaT III

W2 – Wednesday – bumped by Catz II

M3 – Wednesday – bumped by Jesus III

Pimm’s boat (W3) – Wednesday – bumped by Clare III

Hermes boat (M4) – Wednesday – bumped by Darwin fellows



BumpIT is finally here! Get predicting May Bumps for the chance to win eternal pride and glory. (Actual prizes phased out circa 2008.)

Between us, SCBC has won ‘double headship’ for several years now. Add your predictions to boost our chances of holding onto the title!

Edit: err, so I got a bit overexcited and forgot to add the link. Here it is –

If you don’t have an email address, get in touch with the kind people of FaT and they should be able to sort out an account for you.

W1 at Champs Head

After a very difficult spinning maneuver in the Gut (with neither Marshalls nor cox seeming to realise the actual length of an VIII) W1 began Champs Head with a really strong start outside the Plough.
Our transition to rhythm was really solid as practiced and the crew held speed right round Ditton corner.
(no results on the best starts / best line round Ditton yet- always living in hope!)

The reach wasn’t anything bad, even in the wind the catches were going in and the pressure was there all the way through, but we just didn’t manage to take any real length out of Catz who started a minute ahead. Coming towards the Railway Bridge we hit a calm patch and really started to move, pushing every stroke to the finish.

With a time of 6:10 over the 1450m course our result wasn’t what we’d hoped for – but we now know that it’s aggression which is going to get us moving and taking the advantage of everything! An important lesson learnt.

***UPDATE – so, it turns out that we did end up with the best judged line overall around Ditton corner!!! Hope paying off!****

Peterborough Regatta


M1 4+, winners of IM3 4+ in 3:26 at Peterborough Regatta (note Will’s t-shirt…very accurate :))

M1 headed up to Peterborough last weekend to race in the 1k sprint regatta. We took an eight, four and pair to race in IM3 and I ended up subbing in for a Rob Roy novice double too. 

Arriving just in time to bundle out of the van, rig up and jump on the water, the first race of the day in the eight perhaps didn’t go so well. With Churchill in our heat we thought we could lay down a marker, having set some pretty quick times over the course in training. However, for one reason or another we ended up rowing very short and sloppily as we settled out of the start and while we were level for the first 500m, they finished 3/4 length up. Still, that was just the heat and the final was yet to come.

In between the eight and the four a bit of inter-club swapping happened. Dave B-R subbed into the Churchill 4+ as one of their guys felt a bit off and I subbed into a Rob Roy double scull (my first sculling race since I parked on Grassy with Vicky!). As it was, the Churchill 4+ qualified for their final and in our race we moved easily away from the field to paddle home at rate 24. I was terrified that I’d cause the junior to lose a race he should easily win. Apparently, he was chuffed he didn’t come last!

The next Selwyn boat to race was the four. Lining up on the start line with a few technical problems (the seats jammed at 3/4 slide because the sliders were worn down) and having fumed and cursed our way to the start line we imagined we were about to get eaten in the heat. So it was surprising when twenty strokes into the race we had clear water! Rowing at 3/4 slide we held onto our lead despite a good push from Milton Keynes at the finish. We qualified fastest in 3:32 and with some quick repairs to Richard Budgett, felt confident about the final. 

Meanwhile, the pair had gone out for a paddle of the main river to get used to rowing together. Unfortunately, Nick and Nigel found the pair difficult to steer straight due to the setup, and despite efforts to change it, we couldn’t get it just right. Perhaps Nick should have steered, given his fantastic efforts at the wheel of the CUSU minivan, and his natural homing beacon towards the nearest McDonald’s drive-through. In the heat the pair got away well but as expected, drifted across lanes and so wound it down to not affect the race. 

Next up, Dave BR in the Churchill 4+ came third in the Novice 4+ finals. I can’t remember much of the race details. We’ll have to get him to debrief us on their tactics and capabilities before bumps! 

Now, the big one…the IM3 8+ final. Well, its tough to know what happened really. We rowed up to the start with much more confidence than the heat, but the start was sloppy and we were down very quickly. Leicester and Churchill, two crews we were expecting to beat, got ahead and stayed ahead, as we came in a length down on Churchill. Congratulations to them, but we didn’t have time to moan. We had to jump straight into Budgett for the 4+ final. 

Rowing down to the start line we had to get back into the underdog mentality that had worked in the heat – hard when you qualified quickest. Off the start we got another good getaway, striding to a long, punchy rhythm at 34. But we weren’t alone, De Montfort Leicester got away quicker and were 1/4 length up on us. Each push we did was matched and as it came to 750m it looked over. But Will screamed at us to finish it properly and in the following 200m we took a length out of them, finishing confidently ahead in 3:26. It was a great race and a good boost after the eight. 

My final race in the double almost resulted in an unlikely win! The double from Deben RC appeared to have actually met each other before the race (surely unfair?) and sculled very well. This didn’t stop us taking a length lead into the 500m mark but as the mistakes started to creep in given my inexperience in a sculling boat they moved through us, winning by a length. Still, second place was not too shabby for a first row together and I think Callum was pleasantly surprised. 

Overall it was a fantastic day of racing, and a good preparation for bumps. Short, sharp 1k pieces, and the amount of times you get to line up on that stake boat (six in total!) are great for confidence and experience before bumps. I’ve definitely felt the difference in the last couple of outings since. We’re now back with our full crew in the eight having had a couple of subs because of exams. Time to fine tune the little details before next week! 

Hopefully Danny will give us a little piece on his racing at Met Regatta on Saturday and Sunday for the Dev squad, where he won the IM3 8+ in a very impressive field. 

Peterborough also run a summer regatta in August, to which it would be great to get an alumni boat to. We could hop on the nines trailer on the Saturday, have a practice outing, camp overnight, then race on the Sunday. Its only 500m too so don’t worry if the legs aren’t quite what they were! Get in touch with the committee, or on the Facebook page if you’re interested in doing this! 

Over and out!

Dave x

Crew Lists for May Bumps 2013

Seven crews will be representing Selwyn College Boat Club at May Bumps 2013. Best wishes to all those wearing maroon and gold next week! The crew lists are:


X: Will McDermott

S: Tom Menzies

7: Daniel Morris

6: Sam Clayton

5: David Barton

4: Nick Jones

3: Alistair Philpott

2: David Galluch

B: Nigel Coburn

Coach: Enya  Meadows

W1 (crew order not confirmed)

X: Claire Hayes (Captain)

S: Eleanor Wigham

7: Laura Leyland

6: Lizzy Johnstone

5: Sophie Clarke

4: Sarah Latty

3: Anastasiya Pachyna

2: Helen Lambert

B: Nia Martin

Coaches: Tom Copeland, Laura Kaye


X: Jess Foster

S: Charlie Nye

7: David Broder-Rodgers

6: Ben Michaelis

5: Tom Jellicoe

4: Geraint Harcombe

3: Hamish Jenner

2: Matt Draper

B: Charles Cooper

Coach: Caroline Reid


X: Imrat Fayyiz

S: Nicola Wood

7: Charli Seneschall

6: Lizzie Corrie

5: Katrin Pfeil

4: Hannah Warwicker

3: Isabelle Bush

2: Heidi Wardle

B: Helen Griffith

Coach: Ollie Crabb


X: Mick Deneckere

S: Joshua Pugh Ginn

7: Brian Azizi

6: Carl Salji

5: Rich Cartwright

4: Luke Miller

3: Ivan Babic

2: Adam Fraser

B: Donal Gorman

Coach: Lizzy Johnstone, James Hugall

The Pimm’s Boat 

X: Izzy Jeary

S: Becky Haggie

7: Alice Browne

6: Jenny Martin

5: Amy Bond

4: Ellie Jeffreys

3: Hannah Harley

2: Bryher Bowness

B: Louise Mead

Coaches: Emma Copham, Lizzie Robinson

The Hermes Boat

X: Christian Vaquero

S: Tom Beaumont

7: Ben Foster

6: Hamish Auld

5: Sam Roberts

4: Will Vernon

3: Arthur Kissin

2: Andy Robertson

B: Joe Yarwood

Coach: Matthias Schnellmann

Whether its your first cannon or thirty-third next Wednesday, remember to stay calm until the start then let hell break loose! Good luck to everyone!

M1 6th in Champs Head

As BumpIT reigning champion(!), my top tip is that Champs Head is the best Bumps predictor. Selwyn came 6th overall, beating M1 crews from Queen’s, Maggie, Clare, Jesus and FaT. Here’s a full race video with their flashy new GoPro.