Rowing after Selwyn: SCBC at Poplar

After moving to London former Boat Club Captain Dave Barton is back in the boat and racing with fellow SCBC friends Christ Cottingham and Ben Gliniecki at Poplar. Here is his report:
It might come as a surprise to some but at Selwyn I really enjoyed rowing. It can be quite hard to let go after four bliss(-ter)ful years of ergs and early get ups. But once a boatie…always a boatie they say. Having moved back to London I realised it was probably time to put the spectacles to one side, get off my lazy arse and start rowing again. You know, just to show everyone how really really good I was.
I got in touch with Ben and Chris who had both been rowing for a year at Poplar Blackwell and District Rowing Club. So far my time at the club has been fantastic. There’s a great mix of young and old, and a range of abilities from recent learn-2-row graduates to ex-world champions! We row on the stretch of the Thames from London Dock (just East of Tower Bridge) to the Thames barrier. Its a beautiful stretch to row on and while conditions can often be harsher than what the Cam offers, it’s great to train on and just makes the “millpond” days even better.
We’re currently rowing with the Men’s IM3 Squad with the goal of racing an VIII in HORR. We’ve already picked up a pot (see below) and are aiming for top 200 in March. I think this would be a great achievement given the majority of the boat have only been rowing for just over a year. After that the focus of the squad is going to be sculling in small boats for the summer regattas.
The club’s facilities are great – lots and lots of club singles/doubles (as the majority of people focus on sculling) to use – a fully equipped gym, a rowing tank and a clubhouse bar upstairs (often showing sports matches on the projector).
With lots of regattas coming up soon it would be great to have even more ex-Selwynites down. We row on Saturday and Sunday mornings and weekday training is Tuesday and Thursday (both Men and Women’s squads) evenings.
Do get in touch if you are interested!

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