WOMEN OF SCBC: Eleanor Salter (SE 2015)


We introduce and interview our athletes who will lead and present our College on the water in Lent bumps (Feb 23-26). Following portraits of Selwyn women to mark 40 years of co-education, here the SCBC version: Eleanor Salter

SCBC: “What’s your favorite rowing memory?”

Eleanor: “When we were rowing in Emma Sprints, it was our first proper race as a novice crew, and our cox, Maria, repeatedly shouted, “We’re gaining! We’re gaining!” to try and make sure that we would keep going, despite the fact that we were emphatically not gaining. It was just very funny, and she said it way too many times for it to be real. It was a ridiculous race.”

SCBC: “We wish you and your squad all the best in the run up to Lent bumps!”

Photo credits: Aleka Gurel

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