SCBC do yoga

New to SCBC this term: Yoga For Rowers!

Timarie Chan has┬áled us in four beginners sessions of yoga focusing on areas most beneficial for rowers, having worked with CUBC in the past and now with us and a couple of other college boat clubs. In the last few weeks, we’ve been working on flexibility in the legs and back and stability in the core, and we’re already starting to see the difference in the boat- a little more flexibility in the rock-over, a little more control around the catch (and while holding your entire body up on your hands isn’t essential for rowing, it’s a great party trick.)

It’s been a great opportunity for our men and women to have time training together, and we’ve also been joined by some non-boaties from around college. After the success of this term, we intend to make yoga a permanent weekly fixture next year.


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