The Cam from a different perspective

At the very end of Easter Term out-going women’s captain Claire Hayes took a trip on the Riverboat Georgina – as her prize for winning the best coxing line around Ditton Corner at Champs Head.


“Taking a trip on the Riverboat Georgina was a brilliant way to spend my final full day in Cambridge, after having spent so much time at the river during my 3 years. What made this even better was the complimentary champagne and the presence of the sun!

On the river a few crews could be seen training for Henley – mainly Pembroke and Jesus, as well as Cantabs. It was also fascinating to watch the Riverboat Georgina spin at Baitsbite Lock (if you look carefully on the non-towpath side, there is a huge dent in the greenery where the bow of the boat pushes into the bank– turns out the Georgina is much longer than an VIII!)

Definitely keen to come back to Cambridge for bumps if I possibly can!”



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