W1 at Champs Head

After a very difficult spinning maneuver in the Gut (with neither Marshalls nor cox seeming to realise the actual length of an VIII) W1 began Champs Head with a really strong start outside the Plough.
Our transition to rhythm was really solid as practiced and the crew held speed right round Ditton corner.
(no results on the best starts / best line round Ditton yet- always living in hope!)

The reach wasn’t anything bad, even in the wind the catches were going in and the pressure was there all the way through, but we just didn’t manage to take any real length out of Catz who started a minute ahead. Coming towards the Railway Bridge we hit a calm patch and really started to move, pushing every stroke to the finish.

With a time of 6:10 over the 1450m course our result wasn’t what we’d hoped for – but we now know that it’s aggression which is going to get us moving and taking the advantage of everything! An important lesson learnt.

***UPDATE – so, it turns out that we did end up with the best judged line overall around Ditton corner!!! Hope paying off!****

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