Crew Lists for May Bumps 2013

Seven crews will be representing Selwyn College Boat Club at May Bumps 2013. Best wishes to all those wearing maroon and gold next week! The crew lists are:


X: Will McDermott

S: Tom Menzies

7: Daniel Morris

6: Sam Clayton

5: David Barton

4: Nick Jones

3: Alistair Philpott

2: David Galluch

B: Nigel Coburn

Coach: Enya  Meadows

W1 (crew order not confirmed)

X: Claire Hayes (Captain)

S: Eleanor Wigham

7: Laura Leyland

6: Lizzy Johnstone

5: Sophie Clarke

4: Sarah Latty

3: Anastasiya Pachyna

2: Helen Lambert

B: Nia Martin

Coaches: Tom Copeland, Laura Kaye


X: Jess Foster

S: Charlie Nye

7: David Broder-Rodgers

6: Ben Michaelis

5: Tom Jellicoe

4: Geraint Harcombe

3: Hamish Jenner

2: Matt Draper

B: Charles Cooper

Coach: Caroline Reid


X: Imrat Fayyiz

S: Nicola Wood

7: Charli Seneschall

6: Lizzie Corrie

5: Katrin Pfeil

4: Hannah Warwicker

3: Isabelle Bush

2: Heidi Wardle

B: Helen Griffith

Coach: Ollie Crabb


X: Mick Deneckere

S: Joshua Pugh Ginn

7: Brian Azizi

6: Carl Salji

5: Rich Cartwright

4: Luke Miller

3: Ivan Babic

2: Adam Fraser

B: Donal Gorman

Coach: Lizzy Johnstone, James Hugall

The Pimm’s Boat 

X: Izzy Jeary

S: Becky Haggie

7: Alice Browne

6: Jenny Martin

5: Amy Bond

4: Ellie Jeffreys

3: Hannah Harley

2: Bryher Bowness

B: Louise Mead

Coaches: Emma Copham, Lizzie Robinson

The Hermes Boat

X: Christian Vaquero

S: Tom Beaumont

7: Ben Foster

6: Hamish Auld

5: Sam Roberts

4: Will Vernon

3: Arthur Kissin

2: Andy Robertson

B: Joe Yarwood

Coach: Matthias Schnellmann

Whether its your first cannon or thirty-third next Wednesday, remember to stay calm until the start then let hell break loose! Good luck to everyone!

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